Prolonged power outages can adversely impact your family and the neighborhood. A power outage can disrupt communication channels, transportation facilities, along with a supply of other basic necessities. Everything from retail stores to ATMs are required to be shut down.

A scenario like that might require a lot of patience, but it also requires a greater deal of your sense of mind. If you have not realized it already, do not worry. We have put together a short list of tips that will help your family in case of a power outage.

1.   Keep a Stock of Candles Ready

An adequate supply of lighting always tops the list of necessities during a power outage. Although it might not be a problem during the day, the need will be felt during the dark hours, and that’s why it is important to stock up on candles, torches, flashlights, and solar powered lights.

2.   Consider Getting a Generator

One of the best ways to power your home through unexpected power outages is to have a whole home generator ready in place.  A solar-powered or a gas-powered generator is an excellent idea. In fact, these generators can be helpful even in cases of an earthquake, storm, or tornado. If you reside in a storm-prone location, you should seriously consider the idea of investing in a whole home generator and getting an experienced electrician to set it up for you.

3.   Solar Water Heater

Nobody wants to take a shower with ice-cold water. However, if your home is powered only by electricity, a power outage might disappoint you. That is why having a solar water heater is ideal as it will take care of the situation even if the power outage lasts for a while.

4.   Invest in a Gas Grill/Stove

Yet another downside to a power outage lies in the fact that you can no longer heat up food. With a stove in place, hot food will not be a problem anymore! It will be available in a moment, irrespective of the power supply. 

5.   Stock up on Bottled Water

Yes, you read that right. In the unexpected event of an uninterrupted power outage, water might not seem like the top priority, but it does become one if a storm is responsible for the outage. Regardless of where you live, always keep some drinking water handy and remember it as part of the emergency safety kit.

When the lights go out, it is essential to keep your calm. If there is no stormy environment or an advisory issued, it is highly likely that it could just be a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. It is not unusual to have an outage in the neighborhood. Such emergencies need to be reported to the utility companies as early as possible, or if it is just an issue in your home you can reach out to one of our experienced Electricians here at Powerhouse Home Services to see if we can help by calling (239) 228-8549.

The best way to battle a power outage emergency is by effectively preparing beforehand to avoid any extreme discomfort once the lights go out. Having the right tools in your hand will keep you from getting frightened if and when power outages happen.

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