All of us want to save big on energy. Not only does it help us cut down on the electricity expenses, but it is also a responsible way of living. Did you know that you could save a great deal of energy by getting smart with how you use power? In this article, we shall look at some energy efficiency tips that you can incorporate right away! Let us get started.

Update your HVAC system

It is obvious how cooling and heating equipment account for about half of the energy requirement in homes nowadays. Therefore, any technological upgrade in your HVAC units can bring a drastic reduction in your monthly bills.

Remember to pay attention to the EER and SEER ratings when you buy a new HVAC unit. Also, keep in mind to turn off your air conditioner for at least 5 hours a day when you go out. This not only helps you save energy but also reduces your electricity expenses by $16.

Thermostat settings

Optimizing your thermostat’s settings is undoubtedly one of the easiest energy efficiency tips. As per the recommendations of the Department of Energy, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summers can help homeowners save about 10 percent utility costs per annum. In fact, for every degree you go higher than 72 degrees, you can save around 3 percent.

If you have electric heat, lowering your thermostat by about 2 degrees can help you save up to 5 percent of your heating bills. If you go down further by 5 degrees, you can save up to 10 percent on your utility bills.

It seems ironic how an investment in electronic devices can save you money in the long run, but that is true even with thermostats. The upgraded devices are more expensive than the traditional models, but the money saved in the long run will compensate for the initial expenditure. You can also control the new models from your mobile/laptop. They can be programmed to reach higher temperatures in your absence and return to cozy temperatures once you come home.


An average household consumes a lot of water for a variety of reasons. From spraying plants to the regular showers, we use a lot of water, and reducing the consumption helps us save vast chunks of utility bills.

Did you know that when you turn the water off while shaving, washing hands, and brushing teeth, you can save up to $19 and reduce wastage by 5 percent? Not just that, fixing a leaky faucet in your house can also bring substantial changes in your bills.

Most of us prefer using hot water to cold water. One of the best energy efficiency tips to implement is to resist the urge to use hot water. Whether it is bath time or laundry hours, try using cold water. If you can switch from hot to cold water for laundry for at least three loads per week, you can see a considerable reduction in the bills.

Take a break from Electronics

Electronic devices consume loads of energy units, and it is best to use them smartly. Here’s how you can do it.

A microwave takes about 15 minutes to do the same job compared to an oven, which needs an hour. Thus, use the microwave often.

The heat-dry setting of dishwashers is expensive. Deselect it for at least one load in a day.

Be efficient with refrigeration. Maintain both freezer and fridge at the optimum temperatures.

Unplug any extra fridges you have if they are not being used appropriately. 

Tossing a dry towel in your dryer can drastically reduce the drying periods.

Air dry your laundry instead.

Be sure to run full loads.

Desktop computers consume more power compared to laptops. Alternatively, switch to the latter.

While most of us can implement these energy-efficient changes, it is always better to rely on a professional electrician to offer options that may drastically save you money in your home. They can assess your home’s energy requirements and efficiency scales better, leaving you stress-free. For more questions you can reach out to the PowerHouse team at (239) 228-8549 and they would be happy to help you with any questions you may have!

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